Salmon Fishing in Seward, Alaska

Year~Round - 12 Months a Year
Feeder King Salmon

Feeder king salmon are prime quality salmon that feed in Alaskan waters and will not spawn until a later time. These fish provide an excellent eating experience with the highest Omega 3 content of any fish. The flesh of feeders can be red, white or a combination of the two. These fish run 15 to 60 pounds. As far as salmon go, these are the best! Dianne developed this fishery in Resurrection Bay.

May through July ~ Spawner King Salmon (chinook)
Spawner kings are available in our waters three months a year. These fish are on the last part of their journey through life and are heading to the rivers where they were born to spawn and die. Spawners have firm red flesh. Spawners have a large layer of fat which sustains them on their voyage up river. They will not feed once they enter fresh water. Spawner kings usually run larger than feeders, 25 to 80 pounds. The possession limit of king salmon is two per person per day, year round.
Mid-June through late September ~ Silver Salmon (coho)
Coho salmon generally run from 8 to 15 pounds. Coho flesh is redder than king salmon, and has less oil content. Coho put up a good fight and is always the most acrobatic of our salmon.
Late April through Early June ~ Red Salmon (sockeye)
This tasty fish runs May through July and are at their peak size in June and July. This fish ranks as the most popular commercial fish.
Chum Salmon (keta)
Arrive in our waters early in April and run through June. Keta have firm red flesh and a moderate oil content. They are prized for their eggs which make the best salmon caviar. Chum run 8 to 15 pounds.
Halibut / Rockfish
We troll for these species and do not target them by the traditional methods.

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